Revival! began as a challenge. In all candor it has remained a challenge and, occasionally, even extended to the level of ordeal since it began. Imagine Christ as our contemporary, with a song in his heart that spoke to a real experience of a people in a situation similar to his own. There it was, then: an opportunity to bridge theology, art, culture, and modern technology.

"[Revival!] espouses a message of love and courage, something that can help comfort all of us as we process the chaos of daily life."
- Harry Lennix, Writer of Revival!

To bring to bear all of our method, study, skill, and sacred obligation to a product for the people. A chance to imprint a growth industry in the media for a largely ignored demographic, devoutly loyal to their faith and already conditioned to support those endeavors that speak to their spiritual core.

Revival! can be, in itself, the equivalent of the fresh organic produce section in the Christian Marketplace. Something entirely new and urgently needed in a desperate time. The Gospels have always struck me as a love letter to the world from Jesus. We endeavor to make Revival! a love letter from the world to Jesus.

Picture of Mali Music performing as Jesus.
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